• Germania
  • Annual production: from 350 to 400 pipes
  • Shapes: danish classi
  • Wood origin: Corsica Island
  • Mouthpiece material: Acrylic and caoutchouc
  • Characteristics: "Peter Klein"
  • Decoration: silver, wood
  • Surface: Clear and red smooth and rusticated
  • Sold in: Germany, Italy, Usa
  • Price: From € 250 to € 750

Peter Klein has a long history in the trade. He taught himself the art of pipemaking many years ago – the internet was not born yet, there were no forums or blogs and also no colleagues that showed him how to start. Nevertheless he became acquainted with some renowned danish pipe makers and learned some tricks by looking over their shoulders from time to time. His affinity to Denmark is clearly visible in the shapes he creates – they are inspired by the danish classic. Well known archetypes are newly interpreted, silver rings, wood or acryl rings and even mammoth rings are attached.

Peter Klein fulfilled his dream and now lives in Denmark. He makes 350 to 400 freehand pipes every year, 70% are with 9mm filter.

“For him, It’s not only work…it’s also relax!”.




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