Stanwell Celebrating 75 Years

For this Limited Series, to mark 75th Anniversary, Stanwell has selected eight classic shapes for each one created 150 pipes in a sandblast finish and 150 pipes in a polished finish – a total of 2400 pipes.
Each pipe is completed by a solid silver ring on which the iconic Stanwell horse and carriage is engraved. On the other side of the ring is engraved the individual number of the particular pipe.
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The Daytona is inspired by the thrilling and precise action of auto racing. Built using state-of-the-art technology, the Daytona powers a robust single-jet flame located at the top center of the body. Ignited by the single-action push trigger located on the right, the flame is fueled by the large reservoir on the left, which is positioned vertically to increase overall fuel capacity to 50% above our average single-jet lighter—requiring less frequent pit stops for fuels.

Available in 8 colours.

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All humidification products are not created equal, and we know it’s difficult to cut through all of the misinformation out there. Boveda is different from the rest because it covers all of your bases. Below simple and important differents:
“Adds or removes moisture based on temperature. Won’t over-humidify, preventing mold. No maintenance or refilling.  No activation required. Proximity & direct contact won’t damage cigars. Emits purified water vapor.Used in top cigar maker’s factory boxes”.
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Chacom PA2017

Pipe of the Year 2017 Chacom.
Limited edition, reserved for the best smoking specialists of the world.
All these pipes are numbered from 1 to 1245.
Selected in the most beautiful heaths Plateaux, the mouthpiece is in Cumberland entirely handmade; the ring is in Bubinga (an African essence wood that comes mainly from Cameroon and Gabon) . Slight curvature on a stem whose triangular and notched cut-out offers a remarkable and elegant line. Design by Antoine Grenard.
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