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Ashleigh&Burwood was founded in 1993 in London, for the production of fragrances and fragrance lamps, produced in contemporary style and classic.

The lamps are designed to improve, beautify and enhance the home environment.

Through the continuous supply of high quality at an affordable price, Ashleigh & Burwood built over time a relationship of trust with its customers.Ashleigh & Burwood products are created by a qualified team – original designs that are often copied by other manufacturers.

The fragrances are chosen with some of the greatest connoisseurs of perfume in the world for a blend of quality, creative and controlled, so that none of the fragrance contains nothing that could be considered harmful.

Sweet & FloralSpicy & Woody
Jasmine & Tuberose
The distinctive floral scents of jasmine and tuberose are mixed with notes of ylang, orange blossom and clove. Soft musk, violet and rose notes add sweetness to this light, uplifting fragrance.
This fragrance has a sultry combination of sandalwood, amber and almond scents. These combined with sensual notes of vanilla, musk, and fig, create an intensely sweet, woody fragrance.
The natural, calming scent of lavender is gently combined with hints of tea tree & eucalyptus. Delicate notes of violet and frangipani sweeten the fragrance to create a wonderfully relaxing scent.
Orange & Cinnamon
Tangy orange is complemented with notes of grapefruit and mixed with strong notes of cinnamon and clove. Hints of ginger, anise and cilantro also add to this nostalgic fragrance which pays homage to old fashioned Christmas pomanders.
A beautifully floral fragrance which combines scents of aloe, patchouli and hyacinth. With additional gentle notes of fresh pomegranate and blossoming jasmine, this fragrance is as beautiful as the flower.
Oriental Spice
This oriental - inspired fragrance uses the spicey scent of star anise, warmed with notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. These are balanced with hints of clove and white ginger to create an exotic and arousing fragrance. If you liked our Epice D'or range, this is the same fragrance.
The sweet, traditional scent of rose is delicately complimented by notes of hyacinth, heather and jasmine creating a beautiful fragrance.
Woodland Walk
Top notes of intense fresh green pine needles lead onto an earthy but sweet woody aroma of dry cedarwood and ferny cypress, enhanced with warming patchouli base notes.
Parma Violets
Transport yourself back to childhood with a nostalgic combination of powdery violet notes and gentle hints of rose - just like the sweet!
Sweet Amber
A rich, heady scent which combines sultry notes of cinnamon and sandalwood with warm and earthy accents of honey and patchouli.
Japanese Orchid The unmistakably delicate scent of exotic orchid is perfectly complimented by a bouquet of soft oriental aromas. Chiffon-sheer notes of amber and musk gently accentuate this beautifully blossoming fragrance.Arabian Spice
Seductive top notes of fruity orange and spicy ginger lead into a golden heart of patchouli, cocoa and tonka bean. Close your eyes and drift away on a magic carpet of fragrances!
Lily of the Valley Capturing the essence of pure white lily bells, floral notes of jasmine and ylang ylang compliment perfectly. At its heart a watering character is created by notes of hyacinth, lily of the valley and jasmine petals.Maroccan Spice
Exciting aromas of a hot Moroccan souk combine with a rich blend of sticky honey, nutmeg and bergamot scents. Woody base notes of agarwood and sandalwood add earthy depth.
Wild Iris A striking floral bouquet of wild iris and freesia entwined with tones of uplifting bergamot. This palette of floral excellence is tempered by notes of crisp lily and sweet violet petals.Oriental Musk
An exotic, woody scent - where the intense character of cedarwood is freshened with nutmeg, clove and patchouli whilst being warmed with the sensual, dry notes of sandalwood, balsam, & rich vanilla.
Oud Night Tea
Rich and woody, the seductive scent of oud is infused with explosions of zesty lemon, grapefruit and bergamot. Notes of patchouli, vanilla and musk give underlying elements of warmth to this exquisite fragrance.
Fruity & ExoticFresh & Natural
Ice Spa
A wonderfully zingy combination of citrus notes, together with hints of pineapple, passionfruit and grapefruit. Subtle notes of ginger give an extra tangy dimension to this fruity fragrance.
Ocean Breeze
Bring the refreshing feel of sea air into your own home with this crisp, clean, balmy fragrance. Warm citrus notes combine with hints of peppermint, alyssum and frangipani to create a wonderfully exhilarant scent.
Perfect Vanilla
A super-sweet and intense vanilla fragrance, combining sensual hints of coconut and caramel. Amber notes also add a subtly spicy element to this hazy and romantic fragrance.
Green Tea
A sweet, clean green tea fragrance with distinctive notes of bergamot, fresh basil and chamomile. Hints of jasmine add a gentle floral elemetn to this ambrosial scent.
Fig Leaf & Olive
Rich, fruity top notes of ripe figs with green, herbaccous tones of fig leaves. Hints of olive, raisin and almond make this fragrance the essence of the Mediterranean.
Fresh Linen
A wonderfully clean and airy fragrance, with elements of aloe and fragipani combined with notes of lavender and citrus. This fragrance evokes the feeling of catching the scent of clean white sheets blowing in a light breeze.
Papaya & Melon
The combination of papaya and melon is the base for this bright, exotic fragrance. These fruit notes are enhanced by hints of succulent apricot and juicy peaches, creating a truly topical treat.
Green Bamboo
The light, gentle scent of green bamboo is complimented with notes of cucumber, lemongrass and bergamot. As if smelling freshly cut grass, this extremely pleasant, botanic scent will bring some of the outside in.
White Tea
A beautifully fresh and aromatic scent, combining the citrus notes of bergamot with light, floral jasmine tones. Softened with a hint of sweet violet and powdery sandalwood, this fragrance is a perfectly elegant backdrop for any home.
ChristmasPerfume Collection
Frankincense & Myrrh
A majestic blend of festive aromas, combining clove with cardamom and anise. Richly heated with notes of ginger and cocoa to create a truly unique fragrance.
A beautiful and feminine blend of rose, mandarin and jasmine, warmed with sensual notes of frankincense, cedar and a delightful hint of vanilla.
Cinnamon Toast
The ultimate feel good and life affirming fragrance. Nothing smells quite so welcoming as the nutty aroma of freshly toasted bread overlaid with the sweet spicy promise of oriental cinnamon.
The ethereal quality of this aroma comes from airy notes of bergamot, rose and jasmine - complemented with gentle scents of soft musk, sandalwood and sweet amber.
Christmas Spice
Add a little festive sparkle to your home with the welcoming and scintillating scent of this yuletide bouquet. Spicy and snugly comforting, this deliciously woody and toe warming fragrance will inject instant festive cheer infusing you with a feeling of deep relaxation.
Girly notes of cassis and mandarin are infused with a playful hint of raspberry. Richer scents of amber and cinnamon give a gentle warmth to this exquisite fragrance.
Essential Oil Blend
A calming and smoothing combination of delicate geranium, wild lavender and clary sage. This fragrance will aid in calming your senses and relieving stress, enabling you to really enjoy your relaxation time.
Anti Tobacco
A fresh blend of juniper, cedarwood and pine. This strong masculine fragrance cleans the air of unpleasant odours, whilst distributing a wonderfully clean, woody scent. Some of our customers have told us that this blend is great for dealing with pet smells too!
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