Cigar & Cigarette accessories

  • Lubinski and Colibri cigar lighters.
  • Pocket cigar-cases in best Italian belt leather and other materials, from 1 to 5 cigars. Covering the entire range of classical cigar-sizes.
  • Cigar holders for Toscano cigars and other diameters, with and without filter.
  • Humidors travelling and table in leather and wood. From 3 to 300 cigars (corona size). Cabinets for shops.
  • Hygrometers analogic and digital. Also thermo-hygrometers.
  • Ashtrays in briar, wood, pewter and ceramic.
  • Humidifiers for all sizes humidors, also electronic. For big cabinets or walk-in humidors.
  • Cigar-cutters V-cutters pierces, scissors, guillotines, whether single, double or triple blades, pocket or table. Also in silver or lined in briar.
  • Lubinski and Colibri cigarette lighters.
  • Cigarette-holders in briar or caleidowood.
  • Cigarette-cases in metal, leather or caleidowood.
  • Ashtrays in wood or glass. In addition, purse ashtrays in solid silver and leather lined.



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