• Hvidovre / Danimarca
  • Annual production Since 3.000 pipes
  • Shapes classic
  • Wood origin Corsica Island
  • Mouthpiece material caoutchouc, acrylic and synthetic amber
  • Characteristics silver and golden points on the mouthpiece
  • Decoration Gold, silver, precious stones, and different precious woods
  • Surface Smooth, sanded and rusticated
  • Sold in Europe, USA, Taiwan
  • Price From € 65 to € 1.000

Copenhagen’s Poul Winslow is a pipernaker with a philosophy: he sells the best pipe he can make at a price you can afford. He also admires hard work and full production, believes in catering to markets rather than dictating, and dislikes pretension wrapped in high prices.
Winslow, 47, learned his craft in the factory of the famous Preben Holm, freehand pipernaker of the 1960s and 1970s – glory days of the Danish free-form pipe. Starting as an apprentice right out of high school in 1968, working his way up through the ranks until he became production manager, Winslow left when the factory closed down for good in 1986, and went out on his own. Also pure Winslow is the use of elaborately wrought ornamentation in silver, gold, different woods, bone, horn, and acrylic. These top-of-the-line pipes with hand-cut mouthpieces and spectacular grain are highly popular in Germany, where his pipes are distributed by the Dunhill group, and are now catching on in America, where Lane Limited, also part of the Dunhill group, is Winslow’s distributor. For handmade pipes of the highest quality, they are reasonable in price too, made possible by Pout Winslow’s work ethic and organized production methods.



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